Vet Reference

You can confirm the source of this letter of reference by contacting the Cremona Veterinary Clinic directly or request a photocopy with Dr. Van Esch's signature from Heidisaint Kennels.


Dr. Heather Van Esch
Cremona Veterinary Clinic
P.O. Box 456
Cremona, AB T0M 0R0
Phone: (403) 637-3928

October 27, 2003


To Whom It May Concern:


I have been providing veterinary service for Ms. Marion Buckton of Heidisaint Kennels since the summer of 1999. I am pleased to be able to provide this recommendation regarding Marion's St. Bernards.


Ms. Buckton's dogs are always a pleasure to work with, no matter what the age. They consistently have patient and trustworthy temperaments, something that is not lost on a veterinarian working on such big dogs! I strongly believe that training is a huge factor in how well behaved any dog is, but Marion's puppies already have great potential for making excellent companions based on their parents' temperaments.


Marion ensures that her dogs are fed properly (they are kept in great body condition), exercised regularly, receive whatever veterinary care is needed, and she gives them all regular individual attention. She knows and is attached to all of her dogs. She keeps immaculate records regarding health problems, vaccinations, and breeding information, and strives to ensure that breedings are done with pre-set results in mind, not just to produce and sell puppies. In the time that I have worked with Heidisaint Kennels, I have been very impressed with the low incidence of any congenital defects in her dogs (I personally cannot recall ever seeing any congenital defects such as heart murmurs, hernias or eyelid entropion in any of her puppies). Her dogs are also quite long-lived for this breed. Marion has at least 4 dogs presently that are over 9 years old. This represents a low incidence of degenerative (old-age related) problems from Heidisaint Kennels compared to the average St. Bernard population. Marion firmly stands behind the quality of her puppies, and her dedication to this breed is impressive.


Marion is a breeder with many years of experience behind her. Her goal is to constantly try to produce a better puppy that is most representative of the breed standard. Marion has successfully shown many of her dogs to championships, and stays current with the show circuit and other St. Bernard breeders. She makes every effort to promote this breed, but is also quite selective about who should own a Saint. I find this commendable, and feel this ensures that her puppies will end up in good homes with responsible owners who know what they are getting themselves into.


If you have done some research on the breed and are serious about making a St. Bernard a member of your family, Heidisaint Kennels is an excellent kennel from which to purchase your puppy. Good luck with your puppy hunting!


Heather Van Esch, BSc, DVM
Cremona Veterinary Clinic