More About Heidi Saint Kennels

Heidisaint Kennels breeding program is designed not to produce puppies for the sake of having puppies, but with the ultimate goal of improving the overall quality of the breed in conformation with the standards. Before any breeding is done we critically review our dogs and attemp to improve on their weak points in the next generation. At times we may not have the genetics within our kennel to achieve the specific improvements we are seeking and have imported genetics from other kennels including Revilo Kennels (Bill and Diana Oliver), Stoan Kennels (Stan and Joan Zelinski), and Kings Row Kennels (William and Shirley Tsagris).


I have learned much over the years, and I am always learning more. I have found many in the Saint Bernard world willing and generous with their information. There are many who have helped and provided advice and guidance over the years. I woul particularly like to extend my thanks to Karl and Mary Winters, Bill and Diana Oliver, Stan and Joan Zielinski, William and Shirley Tsagris, Michael Strasser, and Don and Carole Dvorak.


One of the challenges I have faced in showing my Saint Bernards is that my rather short stride (due to my four and a half foot stature) does not allow me to show off my dogs in top form. I wish to acknowledge those who have helped me by showing the dogs over these years: Karl Winter, Bill Oliver, Karen Ibbitsen, James and Barb Laurie., and Larry Nault. I also want to express gratitude to Bea Knight for imparting her wisdom and to the Winters for helping me in my breeding program. And to Mary Winter for her puppy-rearing advice!