Saint Care

One of the most important aspects of caring for you Saint Bernard is houseing and fencing. The fencing is important, not only to keep your dog in your yard and off the road, but also to provide your dog security from curious passers by. Remember that, while you may be comfortable that your dog will do no harm, it takes very little for a Saint Bernard to knock someone over, intentional or not. Also keep in mind that, while many find it cute when a small lap dog jumps up on a person or growls, if a Saint Bernard does that they are almost immediatlely labled as viscious because of their size. Make sure your yard is fenced.


The Purina website has some good information on kennel design, and though it is aimed more at a commercial operation, it has a lot of information that may be useful.


Interior Pen Design


Kennel Construction


Watch here for more hints on careing for your Saint Bernard.